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We’re a collective giving community that supports ambitious and unique arts projects that create positive community impact.

Grants available for working artists and arts organisations

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To connect arts supporters with artists to grow creative opportunities and giving community.

To back courageous and talented artists and arts organisations to realise ambitious and unique arts projects

To create a more resilient and exciting WA in response to the disruption faced during COVID-19 by supporting our creatives with new funding opportunities using simple, effective and transparent processes.

To enrich our cultural landscape and build a greater sense of community

Our Goal

Provide transformational grants to our visionary artists and cultural organisations for projects that create positive community impact.


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Adam Levin & Adi Gordon 
Adrian & Michela Fini
Cecile Crochu & Alan Ng
Darryl Mack & Family
Randal Humich
Felicity & Tony Ruse
Graeme & Lorraine Rowley
Phil & Kareena Thistlethwaite
Rob & Amanda Morrison
Stewart Family Foundation
The Le Messurier Charitable Trust
Warwick Hemsley AO
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